Ear cuff (1 set of 4 pieces) (F1-12817)

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F1-12817 Rhinestone personalized ear cuff 4-piece set (1 set of 4 pieces)

Ear cuff (1 set of 4 pieces)


Great value price($)(1)(9)(9)


★★★Can be worn with or without pierced ears★★★


✨The good news without pierced ears

✨The little secret of pseudo ear bones

✨Ear-friendly and beautiful


When I was little, I told my mother that I wanted my ears pierced.

But because of my sensitive body,

I’m afraid that the wound won’t be well taken care of, so I’ve been very hesitant><

After going to college, I became obsessed with beauty.

I often go to jewelry stores with my classmates to dig for treasures.

Even though some jewelry stores sell clip-on earrings,

However, ear cuffs are not popular, and few stores sell them anymore.

But I really want to get my ears pierced><

👉Now, women who have sensitive constitutions like me or are more afraid of pain are in luck~~

✅Exquisite and detailed~

Hidden in your hair, faintly visible and sparkling✨

✅No need to pierce your ears, and you don’t have to worry about crushing your ear bones while sleeping

You can also match it with your own ear cuffs!

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